"The Salmon" feat Bazbaz & Tchiky - New single


Kiddus I, the legendary Jamaican singer, reveals his new track "The Salmon." Teaming up with Bazbaz (pianist) and Tchiky (guitarist), who have produced, composed, and played the music, they offer us a unique blend of 60s rhythm & blues, electronic music, and, of course, reggae.
The poetry and lyrics, penned by Kiddus I himself, delve into an original and unprecedented theme: he draws a parallel between the journey of a salmon, struggling upstream to return to its birthplace, spawn, and eventually die, to that of a man. This man embodies a bit of Kiddus I himself, an ageless rebel, a Rasta perpetually struggling in Babylon in search of a lost paradise.

"The Salmon" marks one of the trio’s earliest compositions, dating back 15 years. It sure has been a wild project that has taken all this time to come to fruition. But it is also a testament to a profound friendship and an unwavering passion for music, all genres included. "The Salmon" serves as the title track of an album bearing the same name, set to be released this autumn.

It is worth noting that this initial release is accompanied by a ska version recorded in Kingston with the legendary Roots Radics (Style Scott and Flabba Holt).