Dub Adventure

Manudigital meets Tetra Hydro K feat Tracy De Sá & Dapatch Mc

Dub Adventure embodies the collaboration between two icons of the reggae/dub scene, blending their talents to deliver an upcoming tour that promises to be nothing short of epic. This ephemeral project brings together the legendary duo Tetra Hydro K, masters of Electro Dub, and the genius of Reggae, Manudigital, known for his numerous digital productions and ultra-energetic live performances.

They will be accompanied by two of their favorite MCs, the talented rapper Tracy De Sá and the veteran sound system MC Dapatch with his rub-a-dub flow. They are set to present a powerful live show with a fusion of memorable styles! Don't miss out on this Dub Adventure, where Bass Music, Reggae, and Dub come together to create an unprecedented sonic storm.