Tetra Hydro K "Infusion de delay / Indigestion de Tofu" Vinyl

Orders containing “Tetra Hydro K Infusion de delay / Indigestion de tofu” vinyl, will be dispatched around December 08, 2023.

Tetra Hydro K "Infusion de delay / Indigestion de Tofu" EP - LP Vinyl (Never Pressed On Vinyl) - 33PM - Released in december 08, 2023 ("Infusion de delay" original release : June 06, 2014 / "Indigestion de tofu original release : November 09, 2011) - 9 tracks - 2 sides
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Tetra Hydro K is a laboratory in which two dub alchemists are experimenting with multiple sounds to mark their imprint on the French electro-dub scene.


A1. Steppa Supra Dark
A2. Tetra Hydro Booster
A3. Steppa To Trance
A4. Ghost Dub

B1. Ska Dub feat Laura Romero
B2. Summer Step
B3. Décroche pong
B4. Ska Dub - Version
B5. Ska Dub - Acapella