Bazbaz & Manudigital "#LoveBordel" Vinyl 12"

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Bazbaz & Manudigital EP "#LoveBordel" - Vinyl 12" - Released on February 11, 2022 - 9 tracks
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Bazbaz and Manudigital digitally met during lockdown.
Bazbaz is a French singer who presents a personal mix of songs based on blues, reggae, and rock. His detached tone, his lyrics with a bittersweet scent and his lovefor women make his songs particularly endearing. Beatmaker and bassist specializing in digital Reggae, Manudigital became a major producer on the international scene over the years by collaborating with numerous artists and developing various video concepts around the world.
This is how, from a virtual meeting on Instagram in lockdown mode, a very real EP came to life: #LoveBordel. A joint project between Bazbaz and Manudigital. "Being a true reggae addict, I've been enjoying the sound of Manudigital for a while now. I love his digital session formula, to put on a little keyboard on your knees in the streets of Kingston, New York or the sidewalks of Manila and make incredible guys sing live and direct, you have to have ... balls!" Bazbaz tells us.
From their mutual respect, the idea of creating songs together has born instantly. Without knowing each other, without ever meeting, due to lockdown, the two musicians begin to compose 7 tracks that they will record in a few months, to which will be added 2 dub versions by Manudigital. "So much fun!"they say in chorus! #Love Bordel is a subtle blend of their two worlds, a meeting between French chanson and dub for a chill, hot and sexy result, they can't wait to share!
StrictlyReggae, Strictly Lover, Strictly Digital.


A1. Dernière danse
A2. C'est quoi ton problème ?
A3. Humanoïdes
A4. Tes lèvres
A5. Babyblue
B1. En laisse
B2. C'est pas la joie
B3. Last Dub to Love Hill
B4. Lipstick Dub