Manudigital "Bass Attack" CD

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Manudigital "Bass Attack" album Cd - Released on October 05, 2018 - 14 tracks
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Manudigital is a beatmaker, bassist and producer who specializes in digital reggae. Bringing soundsystem, bass and dancehall back around to young future and tech obsessed new generations seems to be his ever-expanding conquest. He has created many concepts such as the 'Digital Session', where he is surrounded by French and international artists such as Pupajim, Elephant Man or Queen Omega. His various web series are shared on social networks around the world and meet an evangelically-widening audience.
Always making Reggae digital his signature, here he delivers on ‘Bass Attack’ an album cut for the live experience in which he does not hesitate to explore new styles through dub and bass music.


01. Ruff It Up Ft. General Degree (Remix)
02. Bye Bye Bom Boom Ft. Red Fox
03. Nah Fight Ft. Mesh M18
04. Rock This Wolrd Ft. Skarra Mucci
05. Herb Inna Mi Pocket Ft. Solo Banton
06. Dem A Poison Ft. Soom T
07. Rub A Dub Ft. Cali P
08. Shoot & Collect Ft. Junior Cat
09. My Story Feat Panda Dub & Royale
10. Winner Feat Derrick Parker & Lt. Stitchie
11. Reach The Sky Ft. Taiwan Mc
12. Stricly That Style Ft. Dapatch
13. Bad Ft. General Degree
14. Time Bomb Ft. Devon Morgan, Sherkhan & Ed Solo