Degiheugi "Remixed Treasures" Limited Edition Vinyl PRE-ORDER


Degiheugi "Remixed Treasures" remix album <strong>PRE-ORDER</strong> - Vinyl Double Gatefold + Insert <strong>⚡️LIMITED EDITION (300 copies)⚡️</strong><br>Vinyl Color : Curacao clear transparent - Artwork by Dulk - April 21, 2023 - 13 tracks - 4 sides<br><strong>⚠️This is a pre-order, any order including Degiheugi "Remixed Treasures" vinyl will be sent around April 21, 2023⚠️</strong><br>More informations below

Degiheugi presents his new project "Remixed Treasures". A project that bears its name well. Like seabed adventurers, the remixers have been asked to rework in their own way some of the most significant tracks of a career spanning more than 20 years.
Starring L'Orange, Moderator, Souleance, iZem, The Architect, Senbei, Al Tarba, Mounika, DJ Vadim, La Fine Equipe, Kognitif, ProleteR and Scratch Bandits Crew, the XXL cast of this impressive crossover melts genres (hip-hop, electro, ambient, drum & bass, jazz...) and brings together no less than 13 beatmakers from different scenes and generations.
A1. More Than Abstract Hip Hop (Mounika. Remix)
A2. Final Round (The Architect Remix)
A3. Betty (Scratch Bandits Crew Remix)
B1. Nuday Feat Andrre (Souleance Remix)
B2. The L.S.A Theme (Kognitif Remix)
B3. Favelas (La Fine Equipe Remix)
C1. Straight Murder Feat ASM & Miscellaneaous (Senbeï Remix)
C2. Un jour comme un autre (Moderator Remix)
C3. Too Shy To Dance Feat Astrid Van Peeterssen (Al'Tarba Remix)
D1. Stay In Your Lane Feat Miscellaneous (Dj Vadim Remix)
D2. Avant (ProleteR Remix)
D3. Kolata (iZem Remix)
D4. Qu'attendez-vous de moi ? (L'Orange Remix)
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