L'Entourloop orange fanny bag

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L’Entourloop fanny bag – Customise your fanny bag by choosing one patch – “La clarté dans la confusion” New merch collection – HANDCRAFTED WITH LOVE ❤️

100% Oeko-tex 200 gr/m² cotton canvas - Printed in FRANCE (Toulouse)
Composition : 100% cotton
Certification : GOTS Ink (bio)
Patches embroidered by hand in FRANCE (Chatte -Drôme)
Fully lined with cotton canvas
Handcrafted :
☛ Melano_Rzz (@melano_rzz)
☛ La Manufacture des Rêves (@caminuksuk)
Conception : La Manufacture Des Rêves
Design : L’Entourloop
? Nota Bene: As this fanny bag is handcrafted, please keep in mind that patterns, placements and patches can vary from the product image.
With love❤️