Soom T "The Louder The Better" Cd


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Soom T aka “The Raggamuffin Queen” presents her sixth studio album “The Louder The Better”. A combination of live band studio recordings and digital compositions, it took only 3 years to fully realize from the very first live band recordings in Brazil during the 2020 pandemic to its release this year. Entirely self-produced with her own music label Renegade Masters with Kunta as executive producer, Soom T called on her most trusted collaborators to produce this new Reggae/Dub gem, and it’s sunnier than ever.
Finally, with this new reggae album, Soom T sticks to what is closest to her heart covering a multitude of topics from the corrupt state of the world, to the emptiness of politics and the urgent need to awaken to the reality of the condition of society.
Behind the need to inform and urge society moving forward, « The Louder The Better » delivers a positive and inspiring message, led by melodies and vocals at the crossroads of genres, that fans will love to listen to at any time.


1. Don't Make Me
2. Good Wil Come
3. Free The Man
4. Bad Road
5. Michael
6. Path Of The Wanderer ft. Tom Fire
7. No Worries
8. Prophets
9. Ezekiel's Vision
10. Like A Dog
11. Normal People
12. Walk The Earth
13. Emergency ft. Sonny Green
14. Fly My Bird
15. Hail To The Watchman
16. There Is Love