Manudigital "Joseph Cotton And Friends" VINYL

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Manudigital EP "Manudigital Joseph Cotton And Friends" - Vinyl LP - Released on April, 21 2017 - 8 tracks (6 tracks + 2 riddims) - 2 sides
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Riddim maker, bass player and producer specialized in digital Reggae, Manudigital has been involved in Reggae music for more than 15 years now. Manu’s various web series (Digital Sessions, Back Inna Days…) are being shared worldwide across social media inspiring new fans every day.
For this release, the beatmaker has teamed up with Jamaican veteran DJ legend and close friend Joseph Cotton to make a record in the pure tradition of the Digital Reggae golden era.


A1. Street President
A2. Come Back To Me (feat. Anthony Malvo)
A3. Rhum Talk
A4. Street President Riddim

B1. Global
B2. Manudigital Affair (feat. King Kong)
B3. Devil Inside
B4. Devil Inside Riddim