AFU-RA "Urban Chemistry" VINYL


AFU-RA "Urban Chemistry" New album - Vinyle 2LP - 18 Tracks - 4 sides

AFU-RA "Urban Chemistry" New album - Vinyle 2LP - 18 Tracks - 4 sides
Urban Chemistry is a feat on many levels for veteran rap stalwart Afu-Ra. With more than 25 years in the game, he continues to push himself artistically and find new areas to conquer musically. And on these 18 tracks, he and French producer duo Digital Cut serve as our guide through raw boom-bap, soulful hip-hop, club-ready pop, somber reggae, and so much more. It’s an epic journey for all involved, and it gets to the heart of what Afu wants to achieve: connection.
Tracklisting :
A1 - Afu-Ra - Unstop (feat. Starrlight)
A2 - Afu-Ra - Kiss the Pain (feat. Myriam Sow)
A3 - Afu-Ra - Urban Chemistry (feat. Keny Arkana & Big Shug)
A4 - Afu-Ra - Reign On Me (feat. Mann)
A5 - Afu-Ra - Veni Vedi Vici (feat. Gavlyn)
B1 - Afu-Ra - War Chemicals (feat. Stranjah Miller)
B2 - Afu-Ra - Body’s Jumping (feat. Celia Kameni)
B3 - Afu-Ra - Take Me Along (feat. Taïro)
B4 - Afu-Ra - Therapy (feat. LMK)
C1 - Afu-Ra - Be Strong (feat. Dave Dario)
C2 - Afu-Ra - Lyrics Fly (feat. Lord Kossity)
C3 - Afu-Ra - Molecular (feat. Jah Mason & Rocca)
C4 - Afu-Ra - Lion Science (feat. Sr Wilson)
C5 - Afu-Ra - Money Change (feat. Skarra Mucci)
D1 - Afu-Ra - Firetricity (feat. Sizzla)
D2 - Afu-Ra - Rise Up (feat. Lyricson)
D3 - Afu-Ra - Me & My Sensi (feat. Charly B)
D4 - Afu-Ra - I Try (feat. Q)
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